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Join my In the Equation Spring Challenge


I did a half marathon in 2012 at about the same weight I am today – up slightly from my goal weight. If I can do that. I can do this, right! YES!

Two years: New life, healthy life, happy life. It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve been a fit, active and healthy “girl” smack dab in the center of her equation for two full years, and going strong!

If you read my last blog, you know that this week I’m celebrating my two-year anniversary of maintaining a-200+ pounds weight loss. You also that while there are so many amazing accomplishments and new things in my life, I’m currently up slightly in weight, battling hormones I don’t have control over, and struggling a bit as a result.

Time to restart and refocus. The beauty is, I know the way! So here we go.

recite-27788--1750630938-1ahouyrToday, I’m officially launching the In Your Equation Spring Challenge. I’ve committed to the next two weeks — through May 31, 2014 — to up the ante and renew my daily commitment to me. And I invite you to join me.

This challenge is for anyone and everyone. The goal is to help you refocus, restart and get back on track with the support and encouragement of me and others. And the best part, the details of the challenge — your goal(s) are defined only by you. All you need to do to join is go 100% all in!

Perhaps you’re feeling tired and not getting enough sleep; your exercise program has fallen by the wayside OR you haven’t started one and need a reason/nudge to get off the couch and get moving. Maybe you’re feeling out of shape and blah. Or, you could be in the grip of compulsive eating and hiding behind food (like I did for years) and you are afraid to shine a light on it. Perhaps you’re just off your best nutritional plan and want to feel better. Many of you are simply out of your equation — working too much, doing too much, trying to be and do everything and not making time for you and your health. I get it. So why not restart and renew your commitment to you.

The In Your Equation Spring Challenge is an opportunity to grab hold, put yourself first and reap all of the benefits. So take this opportunity, push past self doubt and fear, and/or excuses and join me.

The challenge is simple. There are three very basic steps/rules:

1) Make a commitment to put yourself in the equation and renew the commitment to you. Go 100% all in. NO excuses. Profess your commitment by posting here and/or in our Facebook group “I’m in!” We’ve already got a group of people who will join you, encourage and support you, and hold you accountable — including me!

2) Tell us what being “all in” in this challenge means to you. Define your challenge goals and be specific. List things that challenge you and are aspirational but that you can absolutely do for two full weeks, through the Memorial Day holiday weekend and to the end of the month.

3) Post in our Facebook group or in private message to me at least 3x per week how it’s going. Are you on track, on plan, where do you need support? Regular check ins, the opportunity to share — helps keep you accountable and provides support. And in the Facebook group, you get the chance to support others — which also helps you.

That’s it. That’s all you need to do to participate. It’s about you and the reward is YOU. That you feel better, get back on track, and have done something really positive for your health and wellness as we head into summer.

My personal In the Equation Spring 2014 Challenge Goals are simple:

  1. Get back on track with my clean and healthy eating program — 100% all in. Clean eating. No sugar, no alcohol and no excuses.
  2. Up the ante on my current exercise program. For me that means 6x per week, cardio and strength alternating. And this Saturday I’ll participate in the O’Neal Hampton Wellness Foundation Saturday boot camp to help kick it off.
  3. Sleep. Stop work and get to bed on time every night so I get my needed 7 hours of sleep.
  4. Drink a gallon of water. Water intake for me slipped. It’s important enough that it gets its own bullet.
  5. Sign up and train for a 5K or 10K race this June.

The dates for our spring challenge are — NOW or whenever you say – ‘I’m in!” The challenge runs through Saturday, May 31, 2014. No fee. No strings. Just you in the equation and moral support.

So, who’s in?! Who’s “All in!?”

Please post your response here, private message me here, or better, friend me on Facebook here and join our Put Yourself in the Equation closed Facebook Group. This is where most of the challenge communication and support will take place.

Let’s go peeps! We’ve totally got this.


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