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Grateful for strong women, always

This blog is dedicated to my brave & beautiful sister Lisa

Happy International Women’s Day! Today, we get to celebrate strong women — those who inspire us, guide us, love us, lead us, and live with us. Those for whom we are grateful because they empower us, grow with us, listen to us, mentor us, “be” with us. Those who are generous with their time.

While International Women’s Day was founded to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women — something I totally celebrate — to me, it’s also about celebrating the women in my life who are strong and brave, those who have helped me find my strong.

Just like this beautiful quote from author Elizabeth Gilbert (a pretty kick-ass woman in her own right), the women I admire most in the world are those that have found their “strong” with grit and grace…because stuff didn’t always work out, yet they handled it. They survived, thrived, found their voice, and in many cases at the same time their calling. They rose again and again when shit didn’t work out. Yep, those are the women I admire and can relate to. And thus, this quote is one of my all-time favs! Read more

Running on faith

Good morning peeps. Saw this online yesterday and it spoke to me. I need this reminder today. I am telling myself to trust the process and have faith. It will all work out as it should. I love how sometimes the perfect quote comes along just when you need it. Have a great day.

Sometimes all you can do

Learning to have faith and follow my own path

When I was on personal retreat at A Room of One’s Own on the North Shore last month, I picked up the book Heart Steps and started to peruse it. This is a sweet little book of prayers and declarations for a creative life by Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way. I love this book and have found that each time I open it and randomly turn to a page, it inspires me and gives me what I need in that moment. Read more


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