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Our “In the Equation” Community is growing

LoriSchaefer-After-BigPantsThis week we launched a new “In the Equation” community page on Facebook. Click here to join us.

Rather than a closed Facebook group, we’ve started a community page focused on sharing ideas, inspiration and support for those wanting to live life from the center of their equation.

What does that mean? Whatever it means to you! To me, it means I nurture my overall health, wellness and well being — inside and out. And I hope to inspire others to do the same. Read more

In the equation on Facebook – join us!

In the Equation on FacebookI am excited to announce that we’ve created an “In the Equation” online community on Facebook. This community is for anyone working to put themselves in the equation of their own life. Many are actively working a plan or program to do so, while others are just learning and exploring the journey and hoping to connect with those who will inspire them.

What does it mean to put yourself in the equation? It means whatever you need it to mean to YOU. Read more


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