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In the equation on Facebook – join us!

In the Equation on FacebookI am excited to announce that we’ve created an “In the Equation” online community on Facebook. This community is for anyone working to put themselves in the equation of their own life. Many are actively working a plan or program to do so, while others are just learning and exploring the journey and hoping to connect with those who will inspire them.

What does it mean to put yourself in the equation? It means whatever you need it to mean to YOU.

This group is about health and wellness, weight/fat loss, balance, honoring and loving ourselves, following our dreams and reaching our greatest potential. It is about the emotional side of that life journey as well as the practical side. The internal transformation and the external transformation. And, it’s meant to provide support, encouragement, a space for sharing stories, ideas and the process of how we all work to become our best selves, finding that delicate balance between loving ourselves enough to put our needs and our health first, while also showing up in the world at our best for those we love.

While the group was inspired by me and my journey to put myself in the equation, it is a true online community where participants will drive the conversation and support each other. I started the group when I realized how many, many people struggle with all or some set of these issues – like me – and want to connect with others on the path to becoming their best selves. Of course I will be there, but so will a whole group of incredibly talented and wonderful people on their own journeys. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. Yay!

Anyone is invited and welcome to join!

The “Put Yourself in the Equation” Facebook group is a closed group but that simply means you need to be invited by any member of the group and only group members can see your posts. We did this so it can be a “safe” space for sharing the ongoing trials and triumphs along the way and to protect people’s privacy.

If you are interested in joining, simple message me here or on Facebook. Here is the link to the group:

It is a space for sharing inspiration, struggles, tips, recipes, techniques, photos, quotes and other useful links. We simply ask that you read the group rules for participation before posting. I can’t wait to see how the group manifests and I hope you will consider joining us on Facebook!

I hope you have a happy, in-your-equation kind of day! 😉


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