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The challenge to maintain is a gift

You-know-what-you-want-Lao-TzuAnd, let’s be honest – it is not easy!

One week ago today, I posted my blog about celebrating one year of success maintaining my 200+ pound weight loss. It was a record-breaking blog.

After posting it in the popular weight loss blog Loseit, more than 13,000 people read it in the first 8 hours; nearly 20,000 total! It caused my web traffic to slow, and at one point my website cracked under the pressure of heavy traffic. Yikes! (I apologize if you were caught in the crossfire and couldn’t get access.) Read more

Are we done yet?

(From 63+% body fat to 14.5%)

ITE_Before-After_InstaThe most frequently asked question I get about my transformation these days is: “Are you done yet?”

After dieting for 18 months and losing 211 lbs, people assume I am at goal and “done.” A fair assumption. After all, I did have a party and celebrate my transformation!

This question packs a powerful punch. For me it raises the question: “Are we ever “done?” Or rather, “Are we ever really “there?” Read more

On the home stretch

This journey never ceases to surprise me. Each and every step of the way it offers new insights and new “WOW” moments as I continue down the path to personal health and wellness. This past week and weekend I had several of those. Some good and some challenging.

Read more

Bumps in the road…back to basics

I have been on a short vacation and traveling for work this week and, consequently, I am struggling to hold my program. My resolve to stay the course and work the plan has waned and I have slipped.

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