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Bumps in the road…back to basics

I have been on a short vacation and traveling for work this week and, consequently, I am struggling to hold my program. My resolve to stay the course and work the plan has waned and I have slipped.

While I sort through what all of that is about, I know in my heart that I am a woman of strength and this journey will inevitably have bumps in the road. It’s what I do when I hit those bumps that matters most. Today, I am reminded that I need to get back to basics. It’s that simple.

I lost 180 lbs this past year by:

  • Following the nutritional plan laid out for me and not cheating around the edges (and if I do cheat, getting right back on the plan with the next meal…no excuses!)
  • Drinking enough water (turns out when you don’t get the water in, it shows in the results)
  • Making sure I am: 1) Getting to the gym, and 2) Working hard and pushing myself with each workout
  • Taking my vitamins and supplements every day
  • Ensuring that I take the time to write, talk and ask for help/support when and where I need it (I am so lucky to have a whole “Lori Team” – I need to reach out)
  • Remembering that I am not perfect and I will falter. (It’s what I do when that happens that matters most)
  • Keeping myself at the CENTER of the equation each and every day and not letting that overall goal slip in any way, shape or form.

I am writing this as much for me as for those of you reading this blog who may be experiencing similar slips or bumps in the road. The bumps in the road are real and we must embrace and learn from them…right? These are my basics. Yours might mirror this or be totally different. But for me, the reminder to go back to the basics…to what I know to be true…and to what works – this is the reminder I needed today. Perhaps we all do from time to time.

What is getting in the way?
These past couple of weeks have provided me a glimpse of what maintenance will look and feel like, and I would be kidding myself if I didn’t say it worries me. For more than a year, I have succeeded by executing the weight loss program laid out by Leif Anderson and have gotten in the zone of weight loss. I have consistently executed the plan week after week. I am so proud of my progress and my ability to get back to basics when things start to slip and slide.

But maintenance is a different type of “zone.” Its greyer around the edges and thus it seems easier to let things slip. As I get closer to my ultimate goal – the weight is coming off slower and, in fact, I only see progress without hard work, concentrated effort and precision. It’s a lot tougher. Plus, people are beginning to say things like: “You’re already there;” “Why do you want to lose more weight, you look great?;” “If you stop now, you will still be successful.” And to some degree the big pressure is off because certainly if I stopped now and maintained a -180 lb weight loss, you could argue that I am successful. I fit in normal size clothes; I feel good; my attitude is positive and upbeat; and my happiness quotient is way up. Plus, I can do so much more physically and psychologically; I am not afraid anymore; I believe I can do anything…

It’s true. The fear is gone and I believe I can do anything! So to those well-intentioned friends and family, and to myself, I say: “HELL NO! I am NOT there yet!” I am reaching that ultimate goal of another -25 lbs. And when I get there, will evaluate if that is indeed where I want/need to be. There is simply no question that I am going to go all the way and feel even better, look even better, and be the true and total inspiration to others that I know I can be.

For me, 3/4 of the way is not good enough. I must go all the way. Why? Because I can do it? I want to do it? I need to do it. Something has unleashed in me and there is no stopping me now. For as happy and as healthy as I am now, I see only the mission accomplished. My eye is on the prize.

So for today, I will get back to basics. I will do what I know works. One meal, one decision, one day at a time. And I hope, my passion will inspire those of you struggling or fussing about the edges to do the same. We deserve this. We can do it! And wow, does it feel good just to put it out there. No stopping now.

For me, 25 lbs. My shorter-term goal is my new “hot” little red dress by my birthday. Valentines Day – February 14, 2012. Three weeks to get in that dress that I will sport at my birthday party. I can’t wait.

Let’s go!

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  1. Thanks Lori, I better work off those potatoes I had for breakfast.

    January 22, 2012

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