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A whole life…the best life

“Did you ever in your whole life, think you would have a whole life?”

Lori-ReadytohitroadI was talking with someone close to me yesterday about my recent vacation. As she listened to me reflect on the experience, she said she was reminded of a saying that was displayed on a banner at an Alcoholics Anonymous event. It read: “Did you ever in your whole life, think you would have a whole life?”

I was struck by this observation. Ironically, for the first time in my whole life, I am indeed living a whole life. A whole life vs. a full life. My best life. And for that I am incredibly grateful.

There is a part of me that says, “Wow, this is so cool. I am so lucky. And happy!” And, there’s another part that says, “Holy shit this is a lot of work.” Read more

Living your best life

Living best at 50. Embarking on an adventure of Lori Firsts!

LOCATED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OLD SEVEN MILE BRIDGE TRAVELERS VISIT THE MUSEUM ON PIGEON KEYI am so happy. I’m heading out on winter vacation to Florida with my sweetie where I will embark on many “Lori Firsts!” In preparation for my trip, I picked up reading material for the plane — the February editions of O’ Magazine and People Magazine.

Gracing the cover of People is the most incredible photo of supermodel Christie Brinkley at age 60 in a turquoise swimsuit. Christie sports a bod and a youthful face that make her look 32 not 60. Wow! For someone who grew up watching her grace the cover of every major lifestyle magazine, I couldn’t help buy it to read her story.

On the cover of O’ Magazine is a very sexy and stylish Oprah Winfrey in a skin tight white dress hugging every curve. Love it! (I want that dress.) She looks elegant and sophisticated. I don’t know if she has a body shaper on under that awesome dress, but who cares — you go girl! Oprah also just turned 60 and looks fabulous. Read more

Swimsuit motivation

20140130-swm-ftrSo I’m going to admit publicly that I get the Victoria Secret catalog. And, yes, I’ve been known to buy from it. Now that I can!

When I got home from a business trip this weekend and picked up my mail, there was the 2014 Victoria Secret Swimsuit catalog. Yep. In my mailbox!

Ironically, it arrived 10 days before my Florida vacation where I must decide if I am brave enough to don a swimsuit or two and not my swim outfit. This, all coming on the heels of a week/weekend of slippage on the food plan that has me at the higher end of my new weight comfort zone. Can anyone relate?

Well, swimsuit motivation here we come! Read more

The mind is a powerful thing

It’s official. I am struggling with all aspects of my program and have been for nearly two weeks. Nutritional slips, missed workouts, and frankly I am just not as focused as I have been during the past 13 months. The truth is, I was on a roll and feeling so positive that I didn’t expect to falter in the home stretch. I didn’t think it could happen to me. Boy was I wrong! The mind is a powerful thing.

Read more

Bumps in the road…back to basics

I have been on a short vacation and traveling for work this week and, consequently, I am struggling to hold my program. My resolve to stay the course and work the plan has waned and I have slipped.

Read more

An active vacation, a mountain climb with the sisters…life is good!

I just noticed the drought in blog communication and decided to take a time out to focus on Lori.

I was on vacation this past week and, as a result, the work is piled high. Read more


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