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I am not perfect. And it’s okay.


It’s okay that I didn’t read the pile of books I lugged on personal retreat in my all-too-heavy bag. Instead, I sat still in nature, starring into the ether pondering my life purpose.

It’s okay that I didn’t write the blogs I intended to write. Instead, I found my way deep into my heart, got in touch with my deepest desire and wrote a love letter. Read more

Learning to have faith and follow my own path

When I was on personal retreat at A Room of One’s Own on the North Shore last month, I picked up the book Heart Steps and started to peruse it. This is a sweet little book of prayers and declarations for a creative life by Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way. I love this book and have found that each time I open it and randomly turn to a page, it inspires me and gives me what I need in that moment. Read more


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