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A balanced life…a passionate life

These days my life is incredibly full, crazy busy and scheduled. But I love it! I thrive on it. For me, work and life balance is more of an unattainable illusion than a goal. My goal is a life with me in the center of the equation that is full of the stuff I love to do and the people I love to do it with, and plenty of down time to recharge and prioritize the relationships that are important to me.

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The power of positivity

This morning I woke up on day six of my new stricter plan feeling very “hormonal.” I stepped on the scale to find my weight stalled even though I am executing the plan 100% with absolutely no deviations, and I gave up chewing gum. Big sigh.

Then, I couldn’t find my iPad (still can’t) and was late to meet my trainer who rearranged her schedule to accommodate me by getting up at 5:30 a.m. And, it was one of those “off” training days where I struggled with some basic stuff in the gym. Read more


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