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The power of positivity

This morning I woke up on day six of my new stricter plan feeling very “hormonal.” I stepped on the scale to find my weight stalled even though I am executing the plan 100% with absolutely no deviations, and I gave up chewing gum. Big sigh.

Then, I couldn’t find my iPad (still can’t) and was late to meet my trainer who rearranged her schedule to accommodate me by getting up at 5:30 a.m. And, it was one of those “off” training days where I struggled with some basic stuff in the gym.

And this was all in the first hour of my day.

Why am I telling you my morning itinerary play by play? (I find that so annoying when people do it on Facebook!) Because while on the elliptical, without my iPad, I had time to think. And all I could think were positive thoughts! I realized I am making a choice. I can let this day go to crap and focus on what’s not right or I can be positive and focus on all of the things that are great about those very same circumstances. I can be positive and happy because honestly, I am despite those things. That’s life. Insignificant little set backs that won’t matter in the grand scheme.

This is a journey. A process. And that is what I absolutely love about it! So I decided to embrace it and to turn what many would say were negatives to start my day (including the old Lori) into positives.

I thought:

  • It’s only a number. Truth is, after more than a year working with Leif Anderson on my fat loss protocol, I KNOW my body and I KNOW that I will have weeks where despite my best efforts and execution of the plan, I will not lose weight on the scale. That’s what “hormonal” means to me. Happens every so often to millions of women! 🙂 Temporary setback. And again, only a number. Plus, quite frankly, I am not supposed to be weighing every day. 🙂 Most importantly, over time, I have learned this too shall pass and it is nothing more than the universe reminding me I am not in charge/control. Good lesson to be reminded of every so often.
  • Time to be…positive. First off, without my iPad on the elliptical, I admittedly worked harder because I concentrated more on what I was doing. And, I had time to think and reflect. The result was that I cleared my mind and turned to positive thoughts and ended up writing my personal mission statement – a new mission for the new me!  It’s so cool. I LOVE it! And someday soon – when I get to goal – I will share it with you. The bottom line is that would not have happened had I been on my iPad, buried in Facebook or email. It’s usually when we take time and free the mind that these breakthroughs come. And I trust I will find my iPad today.
  • Inside changing to match the outside. In the one hour reflection time, I also realized that my insides are changing to match my outside. I am living life from a positive, glass half full, let’s rock the world, kind of place and it feels truly amazing!

When I hit snags in the road, like hormonal issues, or feelings of insecurity that come up because of how I look post significant weight loss, I am able to keep them in the perspective of the big picture (most days) and realize we all have things to learn, do and change and we are a constantly moving target. I like the person I have become on the inside as well as the outside -190+ lbs. I am thrilled with life and the opportunities before me. Yep, got some stuff to work through and new phases coming up to challenge me, but the truth is – I can’t wait! And there is not one doubt in my mind that I will prevail a sexier, happier and healthier girl all around.

So while it is quite possible that many of you will find this blog particularly perky or annoying, I share it because I believe we always have a choice about how we process the bad stuff that happens in our day, or, rather, the challenges. To be honest, while my nature is happy, passionate and full of life, it is only recently that I can say I not only believe in the power of positivity but I now get it and live it. Its immense power is a work in me and in my life!

I want it for you. And I am so excited about what comes next I can hardly stand it. Yet watching it all unfold and unveil itself, one beautiful day, one beautiful person at a time is pretty fantastic too. So I am okay with it being a process.

Have a wonderfully positive day! Know I hold each of you in my heart today.


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