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Getting back in the zone

Are you still “In Your Equation” or do you need a restart? Let’s get it!

Okay, anyone feel like they “lost it” in terms of living healthy in January? Be honest.

Not only did January speed right by, but so many people I’ve talked to recently are struggling with sickness, depression and/or the winter blues, and are feeling “off their game” already in 2017. If you’re in this camp, trust me, you’re not alone.

It’s common to start strong and be in your healthy zone — where you’re feeling great and you have the motivation mojo — only to have life throw a curve ball that gets you a bit off track, if not totally out of the zone. I’m feeling it, too.

An early January vacation to Cozumel (which was totally awesome) threw me a bit off my healthy routine at the start of the year. Then I came home and promptly got that awful bronchial crud (there are some nasty cold/flu viruses going around), followed by a case of the post-inauguration blues. Before I knew it, January was gone and I had slipped out of my healthy zone.

Whatever the reason, if you’re feeling a bit “off” or having trouble getting your mojo back, this blog is for you — and me. It’s time to stop making excuses, stop beating yourself up and RESTART. Get ready to go 100% ALL-IN, cause here we go! Read more

Glass half empty or half full?

Learning to self correct

409px-Glass-of-waterI’m not sure who coined the phrase “glass half full” or “glass half empty,” but I love it and use it a lot. It’s a fantastic rhetorical description of how one sees the world — through optimistic eyes or through a more pessimistic lens. And, as I’ve experienced first hand, this worldview permeates everything and affects the outcomes we see in our lives.

This was not always evident to me. In fact, prior to my transformation, I may have argued against it. I spent most of my adult life overweight, unhappy, busy doing everything for everyone else, and looking at the glass half empty (or vacillating wildly between half full and half empty).

And I did this despite the fact that my natural temperament and personality is optimistic and passionate at heart. Why? Read more

Believe in your awesomeness!

One of my new favorite words is “awesome.” I love this word!

After reading a great blog on Positively Positive by Kris Carr titled: “You are Awesome,” I was inspired to write this post. The blog starts: “You are awesome. End of story. Period. Print it, post it, feel it… Read more


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