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This middle-aged fit girl has a new FAV workout

Cheers to a stronger, sexier, sassy & sculpted me. Take that, you stalled metabolism!

Happy New Year, peeps. I hope you’ve not only surviving, but thriving in the first week of 2017. Let’s get it!

Since losing weight and getting fit are the most common New Year’s resolutions…and because so many of us get off track over the holidays and restart January 1st…and because I just did my kick-ass workout and feel totally inspired…I want to share the secret of my AMAZING new favorite workout. And yes, I do it at home, in my kitchen/sunroom, with no equipment.

This (new-to-me) fitness routine has changed not only how and when I work out, but how I feel. It makes me feel stronger, sexier, and sassier. It has me excited to exercise. But most importantly, it has helped jumpstart a sluggish metabolism and get back on track with “burnin’ it.”

So, while I don’t endorse products or sell anything here, I want to share my story in case it’s a fit and works for you, too.

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Sometimes it takes a village

Support and accountability were key to my -200 lb weight loss & to maintaining it for 3 years!

Celebration Climb Mountaintop - May 2012Cheers to the village!

Thanks to support and encouragement from friends, I just got back from a cold, Minnesota cardio workout — power walking around my lake at 7 p.m. on a Monday night, in 40 degrees and drizzling rain. It was cold and wet, and lonely — only the nutjobs and die hards were out tonight!

I was not in the mood. I had every reason (okay, excuse) in the book for why I couldn’t workout today. Yet, I did it. And, WOW, does it feel great when you have to fight for it!

I will never underestimate the power of support and the accountability that goes with it. It was critical to my success in losing the weight, and it continues as I celebrate three years of healthy living and maintaining my -200 lb weight loss. Read more

What is this gym going to teach me today?

“What is this gym going to teach me about myself, today?” — Trainer Bob Harper, Season 16 Biggest Loser

Ready to work out - 2014!

When I heard this quote from my favorite trainer on NBC’s Biggest Loser tonight, I knew I had to finish and hit publish on the blog I started this morning. And I knew that quote had to be the lead.

What a powerful question for anyone (like me…and perhaps you) who once feared, loathed and avoided the gym only to years later “find her best self” in the gym by pushing past mental limits to find her true potential — inside and out. Read more

Strong vs skinny. Fit girls unite!

LoriSchaefer-After-6I’ve read several articles in the past few weeks about being fit and strong vs. skinny. The truth is, I used to dream about being skinny. But really, skinny was just a term. Ultimately, even though I said and dreamt “skinny,” I really wanted to be fit, active and healthy.

Well, I can now say without question that I am fit, active, healthy and strong. I celebrate strong. And you should, too.

Many women fear that if they lift heavy weights or do strength training on an ongoing basis, they will develop “man muscles.” I used to be one of those women. That was until I learned from my trainers and reading the research that strength training indeed helps burn stored body fat and build lean tone muscle. Repeat: Strength training helps burn fat and build muscle.

It is the quickest and most effective path to a leaner, stronger and healthier body. Read more

Let’s get movin peeps – it’s good for the soul!

Lori Schaefer - Before & After -200+ lbsOMG, what a glorious spring day in Minnesota and a glorious day to be alive and moving toward our goals and dreams!

Yes, I am a happy and enthusiastic camper today. I got outside for early morning cardio around the lake, to the gym for much needed strength training and cardio, and in fact I had to drag myself inside to get ready for work. Add in some conversation with a couple of great guys and, well, for me, that’s a formula for a happy day! But that’s just me. 🙂

Time to regroup, restart and get this body movin!  Read more


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