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Tell me something good

And let’s start a Tell Me Something Good Revolution!

trusttheprocessLast week, I was feeling down and off my game. My life and daily routine was still in upheaval due to what I fondly call “my pain in the butt sciatica,” now going on 11 weeks. I had turned into a real “crabby pants.” Nothing felt quite right.

While attempting to regain my positivity mojo, I came across a Positively Positive blog by one of my favorite peeps – Jennifer Pastilof — titled: What to do when you don’t feel positive.

How awesome!

tellmeA) That I was reading Positively Positive when I was crabby and not feeling one ounce of positivity; and B) That I found a blog titled: What to do when you don’t feel positive. It’s my lucky day. Some greater force at work. A serendipitous encounter!

Of course, I didn’t hesitate to click on the blog and it totally made my day and week. In big letters it read: Tell Me Something Good. Jen wrote about one of the simplest and coolest practices to get your positive mojo back, called: “Tell Me Something Good.”  In short, Jen and her friend text each other one good thing. It can be anything. And only needs to be ONE.

What a fab idea!

For a week now, I’ve practiced the “Tell me something good” exercise with one of my best girlfriends whose had a tough hand dealt for some time. She needed it as much as I did, I thought. And it totally worked. For both of us. Plus, it’s was/is a chance to connect with each other every day.

My girlfriend and I both consider it a pick me up in the moment, but we also find ourselves thinking about good things throughout the day. And now, I’ve started texting others randomly “tell me one good thing,” and it feels like it we’re on to something — a snowball affect. It’s spreading happiness and light. And that makes me happy. I love that!

I also discovered that I never really have just one good thing to share and I usually text several things. And when 4, 5 or 6 things come to mind easily and quickly, it makes me laugh out loud and the crankiness, worry or sadness dissipates. Even if it’s only one thing, it makes me feel better and turns my energy to positive in that moment.

So, when I find myself slipping into moments of self-pity, self-doubt, worry, fear, sadness, or just the plain old doldrums, I’ll find a new person to text “Tell me something good” and snap right out of it. Sometimes it’s fun, random stuff, like…

  • I found an old favorite sweatshirt that I thought I’d lost and wore it all day. It made me feel so good, safe.
  • Fall is in the air — and I LOVE fall!
  • I saw two dogs humping on my walk today, they were happy.
  • I gained 5 new followers on Facebook.
  • Or, I feel really “cute” today. I just got an awesome color and cut from my favorite hairdresser.

Let’s be honest, we all have bad moments — “crabby pants” moments. But there’s always something good. And just like a daily gratitude practice which I’ve blogged here about many times, tell me something good, is a total pick me up! It takes your mind and spirit out of the dumps and into the daylight. Sometimes it even makes you laugh out loud.

Today, I shared lots of “tell me something goods”… (Some of these are worth a loud cheer!)

  • For the first time in more than two months, I walked 10,000+ steps without major nerve/back pain!
  • My glutes actually kicked in and started working on today’s walk! My back might be starting to mend. Amen.
  • I had a productive work day (the first in a long time) and a great meeting.
  • Three more hydrangeas were blooming on the bush in my yard and I have fresh flowers in the house again.
  • This morning I ventured to the business resource library (discovered it’s really cool) and made progress on a big, looming deadline.
  • I had the BEST cup of coffee with hints of mocha.

See, aren’t you smiling just reading my list, I totally am! Try this when you are feeling blue, blah or like you’ve lost your happy mojo. And let’s start a “Tell me something good” revolution. I feel a revolution coming on!

Thanks Jen Pastilof and Positively Positive for the pick me up last week that has now turned into a daily practice for me and my girlfriend. You spread plenty of positive.

Now, peeps, tell me something good! One thing. Now. Go. I dare you.


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