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The ability to “restart” is a gift


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  1. Megan Kaduce #

    Lori, I spent this past week at my husband’s work conference (Re/Max real estate) where we saw some major league motivational speakers. The one thing they all had in common, besides a positive attitude? Exercise! These are talented, busy people who travel a ton and have learned this is a corner they just cannot cut. Magic Johnson stretches and exercises two hours a day- one cardio and one weights. If a multi-business owner makes the time to exercise, I should be able to too. You are so right on track to AFR… I’m giving it a name. Acknowledge, forgive and restart. Thanks for the post. Megan

    March 8, 2014
    • Hi Megan, thanks for your comment. Sounds like an awesome opportunity to hear all of those major motivational speakers, and cool observation about a positive attitude and exercise. I don’t doubt it. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for reading and sharing here and for naming Acknowledge, forgive and restart. Cool. It works for me every time. I am so back on track and in the zone. Hope it helps others, too.

      March 9, 2014

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