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Today happiness equals…

This past week, I’ve been focused on living in the moment…being fully present in all things. That means going all in, experiencing every moment to the fullest, taking it all in. The good. The challenging. The hidden lessons. The opportunities. All of it.

It’s been great. Eye opening. Fun. Challenging.

Lori's new shoes!Today, I am particularly appreciative of all of the great things/moments that have comprised my morning. The “Good Things Jar” is definitely runneth over today.

It’s only noon, and so far today happiness equals…

  • Sporting my new hip purple tennis shoes that match myIMG_0784 Nike running shirt
  • A fresh new blanket of snow that glistens in the light and makes everything feel fresh and new
  • A kick ass early morning workout
  • A great meeting with my handyman to get some household projects done
  • Photo shoot prep for a shoot tomorrow in studio that includes taking stock of my new body, all of my fun new clothes and accessories (boots!) and playing dress up with my friends who helped select the finalists
  • A great one hour conversation with a wonderful friend who I haven’t connected with in a while
  • My new red coat!
  • Discovering a new winter chapstick called Soft Lips that is vanilla flavored and really does give you soft lips!
  • Getting 105 ounces of my gallon of water in before lunch (105 of 128+)
  • Continuing to keep my impending cold at bay so that I can do the photo shoot tomorrow without a Rudolph red nose
  • Positive, affirming check ins from many of my coaching clients and friends
  • Communicating authentically with someone I value/care about who disappointed me – all the while being true to myself, my feelings and my clients/colleagues — this was a delicate balance and challenging to do
  • Planning my birthday trip to Santa Barbara, CA!
  • Having meals prepped for the week and the kitchen cleaned and frig stocked with healthy food

All before noon! What an awesome day. What a wonderful way to “be” in the world.

While every moment in life is not joyous or conflict free, and struggles do occur, today I am grateful for the opportunity to be fully present. I am especially grateful for all of the good things that go in the Good Things Jar, and for the opportunities to be authentic, real, and to work through the challenges.

Can’t wait to see what the rest of the days brings? Are you living fully in the moment today? I hope so. Have fun and enjoy the ride.

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  1. Lori,
    Another great post as always! I especially appreciated your comment about the tough conversation you had with a friend who disappointed you. I’ve been going through something similar with a friendship that’s changed dramatically due to no action on my part other than letting a mean girl bully get the best of me. Dreaded the interaction but finally feel I have some closure, which was surprisingly pleasant.

    Talk soon! Beth

    February 4, 2013
    • Hi Beth. Thanks. My new mantra is to be direct, but kind and set boundaries with those tough relationships and in those conversations. Has not always been the case. I am practicing. A work in progress. But I almost always feel better after doing it. Hope you are doing well. Thanks for your post.

      February 7, 2013

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