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Today is YOUR day!

Step forward toward your goals & get help doing it!


Today is the first official day of the “In the Equation 2014 Challenge. A BIG Congratulations to all of you who have taken a step forward to your goals by signing up for the Challenge and making a public commitment to put yourself in the equation of your own life. We have diet goals, exercise goals and some with a list of goals to put themselves in the equation. I am delighted to cheer you, support you and “referee” for some of you. And, together, we will ROCK this!

Please take a moment today and congratulate yourself privately or publicly for taking the first very important step. It’s a big one. To start! First you’ll take one step forward (you already have), and then another, taking one day, one week at a time, and SOON you’ll move from the unknown, to familiar, to conquered, to WHAT’S next?!

For those of you who still want to join the Challenge, or are on the fence, SIGN UP TODAY! Or, private message me if you have questions or need help signing up for the challenge on StickK. We currently have about 10 people active in our StickK community so far and I’ve heard from closer to 20 people who want in, so I suspect I haven’t connected with some of you yet. You can find me and the In the Equation Challenge on StickK as Lori-ITE. This link to my profile might also work once you’re a StickK member. (Remember it’s free and there are no excuses!)

As I entered the Challenge today for myself in the toughest place I’ve been in the four years since I “put myself in the equation,” I found this quote most helpful so I’m sharing it here. I’ve learned to leap in life despite my fears, to go for what I want, and to know in my heart that “I’ve got this!” I know the way. and I know I can conquer absolutely anything. And if I can do it, so can YOU!

To read more about the In the Equation Challenge and how it works, click here.

To sign up on StickK for FREE, click here and then locate me as a friend and supporter at Lori-ITE (In the Equation.)



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