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I have been thinking a lot about trust this week and how it impacts all relationships past, present and future. I am noticing that when a trust issue arises in my world, I can easily get off kilter and react with hurt, disappointment, a little anger…

How do we ever know if we can truly trust someone? If they are telling us the truth or stretching things just a little – for pure/good reasons or other reasons like they want something from us… Frankly, how well do we ever really know someone in general? I have always thought trust is best determined by a person’s actions, and how they live their life as a whole, not just by one encounter and certainly not by talk only. It takes time to build a true bond of trust, and I believe that comes with really getting to know someone and not being afraid to put yourself out there.

I have always been quick (perhaps too quick) to trust people and give them my heart. That means I am putting myself at greater risk of getting hurt, being betrayed. Perhaps I am not as keen a judge of character as I thought I was. Not sure.

This blog is not well articulated and I don’t even know the point. I just wanted to document for myself that at this place in my journey, I am very aware of the precious gift of trust and how fragile it is. There is something underlying this theme. I know I will sort through it. For now, it is clear I am being given lots of opportunities to grow and learn more about myself as it relates to trust issues.

All for now. Just putting this out in the cosmic universe.

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