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My most recent fascination is with belts. Just to be clear: The kind you wear as a fashion statement or to hold your pants up — or both! 🙂

For the first time in many years I can actually wear belts. They’re in.They are unique and fun and a great way to show your style and personality. And, frankly, they are the best way to mark a shrinking waistline! It is a blast to cinch that belt smaller and smaller until you run out of holes and need a new one.

I think I am going to collect and keep my belts now in addition to my big pants as yet another marker of my journey. Hannah Curlee from BL11 said she saves a pair of jeans in each and every size that she has lost and has them hanging on her wall as a reminder that she will never go back there. Perhaps I will have a wall of belts!

How fun. What is your favorite belt?!



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  1. I bought three really cool belts on sale at JJill yesterday! Wow, love them and they keep getting smaller. So cool.

    September 5, 2011

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