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My most recent fascination is with belts. Just to be clear: The kind you wear as a fashion statement or to hold your pants up — or both! 🙂

For the first time in many years I can actually wear belts. They’re in. Read more

A whole new level…WWLD!

Was feeling a bit sluggish this morning when I forced myself out of bed one half hour late for my walk around Como. The first minute or two were slow – off my usual pace – although my back feels so much better (yay…almost 100%). I kept telling myself to pick it up, but my feet didn’t seem to respond. Most of you have probably had mornings, days or workouts like that. It happens. Read more

Sisters and soulmates…let part 2 of the journey begin!

On Friday, June 17, the second portion of my journey to climb a mountain resumed in earnest. After winning the weight loss contest at Balance for Life, my head trainer and coach Leif Anderson decided we needed a time out. So, for nearly two weeks, I eased off on the food plan and the workouts and tried to imagine life in maintenance mode. Read more


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