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I’m a hiker!

I am discovering so many new things about myself as I get smaller and healthier, both inside and out. For example: I love the outdoors; I would go barefoot 24-7 if I could; Ms Dash rocks; yard work is not as bad as I once made it out to be; I can pull off a low neck tee; I love getting my hair cut; pedis rule; I always root for the underdog; I am a bit of a fashion/ clothes horse; and I LOVE hiking!

This past week I had the privilege of living and working on the North Shore of Lake Superior, again…as I have done countless times these past four years. But now, I have a whole new relationship with the shore. I am one with nature; an outdoor explorer in a whole new way (on foot!). Turns out, one of the things I love most about the shore is hiking the state parks and the Superior Hiking Trail.

I started the week with an early morning hike from Surfside to Temperance River, up the raging, roaring river and back. The hike is about 1.5 miles from Surfside to Temperance along the paved Gitchi Gami bike trail, and then you travel up the rugged terrain of Temperance alongside the raving river and gushing waterfalls. Unfortunately, I had to work that day so I had to cut what could have been a half a day hike, short.

The hike was perfect. It was early and it had rained the night before so there was a bit of dampness in the air, dew on the plants. and the smell of fresh mountain air was invigorating. It was totally quiet. I had the trail all to myself the entire time, except for the occasional critter. I was so confident that no one was watching that I ran the steps next to the Temperance River like Rocky (yes fist pump and all) 3x to get in a little extra cardio! I walked as fast as I could both out and back and challenged myself to beat my time the next day.

When I was finished with my hike, I was a new person! So relaxed and refreshed. Enjoying breakfast on the sunny deck overlooking gorgeous Lake Superior, I vowed I would hike every day at least 1x per day from now on while working on the Shore. Oberg Mountain is my favorite mountain hike thus far, but Carlton Peak is next up. I will let you know how it compares. And while Temperance is such a favorite of mine and always has been, I ventured out along other trails on this trip as well.

Before I departed, I got a copy of the Superior Hiking Trail guide published by the Superior Hiking Trail Association, and am studying it now to see what goals I will set for this summer in terms of miles of trail hiked, etc.

What a gift to learn that this is something I love and look forward to, and what a different way to experience my beautiful North Shore up close and personal. I am a lucky girl!

Now added to the bucket list is the goal of hiking the entire Superior Hiking Trail (all 277 miles) and photographing and blogging about the journey. For those of you who don’t know the trail, you are missing out. The Superior Hiking Trail is a long-distance footpath that runs along the ridgeline overlooking Lake Superior’s North Shore from Duluth to the Canadian border. The Trail is complete from Two Harbors to the border, and a full trail hike is 205 miles. The full trail system is 277 miles.

Happy Trails! Let me know if you’re up for a hike this summer or fall.

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