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Join the “Do One Thing” Challenge

Do one good thing every day for your health. Let me know what happens.

10927214_953709967996259_1130776400138618197_oWhat would happen if you did one good thing for your  health every day…and then kept doing it consistently? What if you took just one small step and started moving to a happier and healthier you?

Would you feel better…look better…have more energy…be able to do more? Would you become better at putting yourself in the daily equation and prioritizing you? Would you gain momentum because your one action inspired other positive action for a healthier you? Maybe you would inspire others in your family to join you? Yes! I think so. In fact, I know so.

d569a5d7730cb7eacc3baf9d396d9460The key is to actually START and DO!

I love this quote about small steps. All too often we stop ourselves from moving forward toward our goals because we are daunted by the task. We THINK about it. We TALK about what we SHOULD do. We tell people what we PLAN to do. Sometimes we even set deadlines. But we never quite get around to going 100% all-in and just DOING IT!

Well, here’s your chance.

Today, I’m challenging anyone reading this blog or Facebook post to join my “DO ONE THING” challenge. All you need to do is decide on and do one good thing for your health and wellness every day…for 10 days. No excuses. Start by doing it one day, and then the next, and the next.

During the challenge, I encourage you to be aware of how you feel. Is anything is different — physically or mentally? And, at the end of the 10 days, I’d love for you to report in to me by posting here or in private messaging me how it’s going. Tell me what you tackled and what you learned in the process. I have a surprise for the first 10 to take the challenge by publicly declaring their one good thing, and then reporting in.

It’s that simple. I will join you, and cheer you, support you, and hold you accountable. And, you’ll be making a commitment to put yourself and your health by doing just one good thing. It could even be something you want/need to “stop” doing.

What one good thing will you do?

If you’ve been thinking about walking every day, converting from diet soda to water, getting 7-8 hours of sleep, committing to strength training 3-4x per week, or doing any form of exercise every day. Maybe you want to become a better listener, or practice being kinder and gentler to yourself.

Maybe you’ve already given up on a New Year’s resolution and this is your chance renew that commitment for 10 days…one day at a time. Perhaps you want to stop a behavior or bad habit — like working too many hours at the office, spending too much time on social media or in front of the TV. Try it for just one day, and then another and commit for 10 days.

Whatever it is. Decide. Define it. And go. Don’t over think it. Don’t get stalled or psych yourself out. (I know how this goes because I’ve done it.)

My one good thing: To be totally present, in the moment, every day. To be mindful and take it all in. I want to  be a better listener and learn to enjoy the moments I’m in vs. always thinking about the next thing on the horizon. This one will take practice and be tough to measure. So I am going to view it as practice and take note every night before I go to bed of the moments I felt truly present and mindful, and also note those when I might have had my head elsewhere. I look forward to seeing what happens when I am intentional about it every day for 10 days.

Ready, set and go!

Ok, peeps, so here’s your nudge to make a big difference for your health and happiness. Because I want to give people time to sign up for the challenge by posting here or on Facebook, we’ll officially start Feb. 1 and end Feb. 10, 2015. But of course there is nothing wrong with starting today. I guarantee you, you can do anything for just 10 days. Even if it’s hard.

Are you with me? Who’s in?!

Cheers. XOO


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  1. Sue #

    So you’ve really inspired me with the “do one thing” challenge. And, of course, with those few pounds you shed a while back. 😉

    Anyway, I was on a business trip last week. Had packed my yoga pants and walking shoes and darn it I was going to go to a hotel exercise room for the first time ever! Had it all planned out. And then a colleague needed me to pick her up over the lunch hour, when I was going to walk. However, I decided I was NOT going to give that up. I’d be at a client dinner that night and wasn’t going to have time then, so I went down to the workout room at 2:00 PM and walked. And took a call from a medical director client (thought he of all people would approve of that!) and flat out told him I was on a treadmill, unapologetic!

    And then the next day I spoke to a group of 30 healthcare leaders (heatlhcare employees tend to be among the least healthy, ironically, because…you guessed it, they tend to not put themselves in the proverbial equation…)

    I asked if any of them had watched The Biggest Loser the night before, and of course many had. I shared your “do one thing” challenge – and I challenged them to do that for themselves, as they model good self-care for their stressed out and overworked teams. It resonated.

    And yesterday my colleague from my trip went swimming in the middle of her day – and she said *I* had inspired *her* by getting on that darned treadmill even when my schedule made it inconvenient! And I wanted to tell you that of course *you* had inspired *me.*

    So you are inspiring people beyond your immediate reach. We all know what we *should* do; the key is prioritizing ourselves, or putting ourselves in the equation, and knowing that it’s the right thing to do and more important than anything else!

    February 4, 2015
    • Hi Sue, WOW, I am so impressed at your resolve. Congrats to you and thanks for paying it forward. That’s what it takes and I do hope this now snowballs for you. Let me know. The treadmill, mid day, so not easy but impressive. Your lifestyle and work schedule can make it tough, so I commend the creativity. Anytime your group needs a speaker, let me know. I’d be happy to come! Maybe we can do a tag team speech? Take care. And thanks for your comment. Way to go!

      February 5, 2015

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