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One week from today…another challenge

At this time next week, I expect I will have completed my first ever half-marathon (13.1 miles). I am walking the Lady’s Speed Stick Half Marathon in Bloomington on Aug. 26 with the goal of crossing the finish line in under 4 hours (which is when they kick you off the course! That’s an 18-min mile).

Why am I tackling a half marathon? Because I can!

Not only do I plan to finish under the allotted time and to enjoy the challenge and the experience, but in training for the half marathon I have pushed myself to a whole new level of fit. One that was unimaginable only two years ago.

If you had asked me two, even one, year ago if I would be participating in competitive races of any kind – let alone a half marathon – I would have asked you if you had been drinking…heavily! The thought never crossed my mind. In fact, I would have argued quite passionately that I am not the athletic type, certainly not the marathon type. I probably would not have tried to make the argument that I am not the competitive type – because of course, I am!

So how did this happen? A group of women from the Fitness North program I attended back in Nov. – Dec. 2010 discussed the idea months ago. Many of them decided to run or run/walk the half as a team. Several weeks later, I somewhat reluctantly agreed to accompany my transformation coach and friend Leif Anderson in the marathon…walking. (I don’t run because of my knees.) At the time it seemed so far off that I was certain it was a good idea. I had lots of time to mentally prepare and to train.

My how time flies. As the months and weeks have passed, life has changed on many fronts. For starters, I had varicose vein surgery just over 4 weeks ago and lost a few weeks of prime training time. And, while I am working on gearing up for the race emotionally, I have been so busy and focused on other things that I haven’t mentally prepared.

So as race day approaches, I find myself fighting off hints of apprehension to honor a much stronger feeling of determination. Determination to push myself to the next level. To accomplish what I set out to do. And to do something I have never done before. All, because I can! And it makes me happy!

The bottom line: As a result of my transformation inside and out, I know without a doubt that I can do anything that I set my mind to. And I am having a blast proving it. Plus, after competing in the laid-back Tofte Trek 10K Wilderness Run/Walk in July, I know that part of me thrives on the competitiveness of pushing myself past what I thought I was capable of, and crossing that finish line. Then there is that whole competitive spirit thing which I definitely have going for me. You can read more about my first ever race, The Tofte Trek, here.

Indeed, this will be another important milestone on my transformation journey and, who knows, I just might get hooked on this racing thing! I am already hooked on how I feel when I push myself to new places and on being a strong, fit and active girl. If you are in the neighborhood of Mall of America in Bloomington next Sunday morning, come cheer me/us on!

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  1. Julie #

    Good luck this weekend, Lori! If I wasn’t participating in the Lake Superior Dragonboat Festival up here, I would be walking alongside you 🙂

    August 21, 2012

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