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Self-Care Sunday. It works!

self-care-sunday-walkI don’t know who comes up with #hashtags for every day of the week (#motivationmonday, #tbt…) but a few weeks ago I discovered the idea of #selfcaresunday.

Though practicing self-care is a fundamental principle for my life now that I live each day with Lori-in-the-equation, I love the idea of a day devoted to rest and downtime. An opportunity to get focused and consciously in touch with what our mind, body and spirit need. It’s an awesome “time out”, if you will.

I’ve pretty much adopted the #selfcaresunday approach (unknowingly) since I began my transformation journey in Nov. 2010 and went from working 12-18 hours per day, 7 days a week, to a non-negotiable of taking at least ONE day for myself — usually Sunday.

Sunday’s have become the day to relax and recharge, to set myself up for success for the week, to enjoy fun time with family and friends, and to get grounded in what comes next. If I do need to work on those days, and often I do, I switch it up and practice #selfcaresaturday! Ha. Take that #hashtaggers.

lori-lakewalkHere’s an example of how my ideal Self-Care Sunday goes, pretty much a lot like yesterday. I got up early for my morning ritual — a rigorous walk around my beloved neighborhood and Como Lake where I set my intention for the day, noted how my body was feeling and vowed to notice everything. I donned my self-caresunday2bright pink “happy” shirt and said “hi” and “good morning” to everyone I met on the path. I also challenged myself to notice the people (and dogs), the weather, the smells, the sights — things I might not notice when not being mindful or present or when walking with others.

I enjoyed my morning coffee and a great healthy breakfast. Depending on my workout ite_notetoself_quoteroutine, I might also get in kick-ass workout all before 10 a.m. I grocery shopped and ran a few must-do errands, bought myself flowers, went for a  bike ride in the neighborhood (still practicing), futzed around the house, called people I needed to connect with in my life, walked and had coffee with a friend, watched the Vikings & the Emmy’s (I rarely watch TV) and tackled weekly meal prep like a master.

Speaking of meal prep

Yesterday I had fun exploring new recipes for some of my favorite fall eats. I found this delightful pork recipe for Pong Pong Pork Chops and these 10 Quick Quinoa recipes on — my favorite go to for healthy recipes. I cranked the tunes and danced in the kitchen as I prepared the Pong, Pong pork chops (awesome), roasted acorn squash (double awesome), roasted garlic asparagus (yum!), my own turkey breast concoction in the crock pot (not so awesome but edible), and my regular salad assembly line. I stocked the frig with all things healthy and all of my meals for the week. And it feels great!

I also worked a little yesterday, but it was on my passion-based business. I allow it as long as I do something fun, too, and take breaks, like I did for a bike ride and to meet a friend. On Saturday, I took the entire day off and visited my three and one-year old nieces out-of-town, so working a little on Sunday was allowed as a trade-off.

Too busy for self-care? I don’t believe it!

I used to think that I was too busy to stop for one day and practice self-care. So if you’re reading this and are in this camp, I get it. The list of to-do’s is long! There is work pressure that the rest of us just don’t understand and always more on your list to accomplish than can get done during the work week. Believe me, I used to be in that camp and my friends used to joke that I acted like I was the busiest person on the planet — busier than the President himself one friend remarked!

Now, I know that taking time out for me and finding some balance between work and play is absolutely critical, not just to my physical health but my mental health. And, taking that time on Sunday to focus on self-care, sets the tone and sets me up for success during the week. I am more productive, more creative, more strategic and more fun when I am practicing self-care. Always! Without question, it is not only doable — for me, it’s necessary and non-negotiable.

I think #selfcaresunday is a fabulous way to start a self-care practice. It forces you to consider one day just for YOU. One day to recharge the batteries, quiet the mind and get in touch with yourself and your needs. One day to set yourself up for success for a week of self-care — even and especially if it is a crazy busy work week.

Trust me, I have a busy and totally full week. In fact, I would call it another YIKES! week. I have two big presentations for a new client and lots of meetings to prep for it. A marketing campaign due for launch. My coaching practice in its early phases requiring work almost every evening. And, a 12-day business trip in one week that I need to plan and prep for — personally and professionally. There is a TON to do, right? In fact, if I think about it too hard, I start to feel stressed.

And so I breathe into it. I know that it will all get done. I will make the deadlines and be on the plane for my trip in one week. And I feel soooooooooo much better going into this busy week, and taking one day at a time, knowing that my healthy meals are all prepped and ready for me and I can grab and go. I will get my walks in every day with my daily ritual and get up extra early to get my new fab workout in (I can’t wait to tell you about my new workout). I am centered and grounded in self-care, thanks to #selfcaresunday.

This is a huge win coming from the beyond busy girl who was a workaholic and a foodahilic, weighing in at more than an NFL Defensive Lineman and working and living like the hamster on the wheel, practicing no self-care. Nadda. That was then. This is now!

I hope this inspires you to consider #selfcaresunday to set yourself up for the week. Or any #selfcare ritual that works for you. I know that if I can do it, you can do it! And I also know it can be the difference between being healthy and accomplishing your goals and dreams, and not.

What one thing can you do for yourself today to practice #self-care and make yourself proud? Tell me.


Be well. Live well.


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