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Got 30 minutes?

30minonyouquote-ITELast week, I was rushing around getting ready for a trip, trying to tie up all of the loose ends at home, at work, and with my travel plans. I was convinced that I didn’t have time to work out or go for my morning walk.

In fact, I had a full conversation with myself about all of the reasons why I didn’t have time today. The conversation had some fact-based rationale behind it, for sure, but in essence it was about all the reasons/excuses for why I simply couldn’t make the time on this day to put myself in the equation and practice my regular self-care morning ritual.

Then, I asked myself, “What if I took just 30 minutes to focus on me? What would happen?

I set the timer for 30 minutes and embarked on a strong morning workout with an extra five minutes of stretch that felt great in my body. And, it made all the difference. I am NOT kidding? When I came back to all the tasks at hand, I was more productive, more creative and more focused. I not only felt better physically, but mentally. And, I took pride for having accomplished this on a busy and somewhat stressful day. Most importantly, it was exactly what I needed — a chance to clear my head, center myself, enter my day with intention, and be open to what comes next.

Trust me, I know how easy it is to make a case for why we can’t fit ourselves in the equation of our own lives. I am the master because I did it for most of my adult life!  But now that I live squarely in the center of my equation, in the center of my own life, everything is better. I mean it. Even on those days it feels out of control busy and stressful. In fact, especially on those days.

30 minutes a day makes a big difference. And in those 30 minutes you have made a fundamental choice that you matter, your life matters, and your health matters.

So, what would you do if you took 30 minutes today, each day, to clear the decks and focus only on you? What would you do? What could you do? OK. Now, what are you waiting for?!

Go get it. 🙂

Good Monday morning everyone. Have a great day.

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