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Got 30 minutes?

30minonyouquote-ITELast week, I was rushing around getting ready for a trip, trying to tie up all of the loose ends at home, at work, and with my travel plans. I was convinced that I didn’t have time to work out or go for my morning walk.

In fact, I had a full conversation with myself about all of the reasons why I didn’t have time today. The conversation had some fact-based rationale behind it, for sure, but in essence it was about all the reasons/excuses for why I simply couldn’t make the time on this day to put myself in the equation and practice my regular self-care morning ritual.

Then, I asked myself, “What if I took just 30 minutes to focus on me? What would happen? Read more

Exercise: Making it fun…for life

Winter is fast approaching and I have been making plans for my exercise routine on those days that I just can’t bring myself to bundle up and walk/hike outside. Daily cardio in the gym (elliptical and treadmill) was a key part of my training program when I was in fat loss, and though I don’t enjoy it quite as much as being in the great outdoors, I know it is a necessity. So, I either bundle up or bring it into the gym. Read more

Fit girls push harder

This morning, I am wresting with my head after a reality check about the intensity of my workouts – in particular strength training. Have I been too dependent on my trainers’ help and guidance, not dialing into my own body and ensuring that I can rock it on my own in the weight room or the gym?

Read more

I hate to exercise…really?!

This morning on the way to my workout, I was thinking back to pre-Fitness North days and remembering the very first time I was introduced to the elliptical by my trainer Julie at Balance for Life Fitness Center. She asked me to do two minutes on the frickin machine, and I struggled mightily. And I believe that it was level 1! Read more

Life Anew

As I’m driving home from my morning workout to ready for the day, I am struck by the gorgeous spring blossoms budding on the trees, the bushes, the flowers. My neighborhood is like a spring kingdom with freshness, newness and life everywhere. I love spring! It feels like a chance to start anew with a clean, fresh slate and blossom and bud for the world to see. Sounds corny when you write it, I know. But I’m a little nutty that way and I LOVE that about me! Read more

Unpacking 100 pounds

Today is a weekend work day and I am feeling the pressure of trying to get everything done to start anew with clients and staff demands on Monday. That said, I am putting myself first and marking a very important milestone with this blog.

Read more

On the home stretch

Week Two, Day Three

It’s amazing how quickly we have all become adapted to our Fitness North Days. We just keep walking, moving and pushing past the pain and before you know it we’re in week two and mid way through the journey! Read more

Oberg Mountain – My new quest

I just completed my third climb to the top of Oberg Mountain in a week, and that includes the full loop, only this time I did so in excruciating back pain and on a very cold and windy day. I even shaved 20 minutes off the original time! Oberg and I are now intimately acquainted and I think this has become my new quest. Read more


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