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Setting healthy boundaries…harder than it seems

In theory, we know as intelligent humans that setting personal boundaries is a form of self-love and self-respect. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to execute!

This morning, I had two situations that required me to set a healthy boundary with two different people that I truly care for. In doing so, I learned both how important it is, and that I’m not all that good at it — yet! I consider myself an active work in progress.

Does anyone else struggle to set healthy boundaries, even if you feel you have self-love and respect?

For me, it feels necessary to set boundaries and communicate them to those I am in (or want to be actively in) relationship with — yet it’s still uncomfortable and a bit unsettling in practice. This is probably because I didn’t set boundaries for much of my adult life. Indeed, I’m still learning the art of execution. But, I am becoming clearer about what those boundaries are for me personally (and that’s a win). Progress not perfection. Read more

Getting in touch with want vs. need

Putting yourself in the equation, level 2!

want-vs-needI’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want vs. what I really need in a certain life situation. It has been eye opening to truly dig deep and get in touch with the differences between the two – want vs. need. And, it has allowed me to adjust my thinking in a positive way and relax a little, changing what I put out into the world. It’s pretty cool!

This makes me more open, flexible and even more patient. Certainly, it makes me more in touch with what is really important to me and why. And how I get my overall needs met. Read more

Embrace who you are and love will find you

Happy Lori in her equationI am counting on it and living it!

Today I read another amazing blog about self-love and the power it has to open us up to all other kinds of love. It is one of the greatest takeaways from my personal transformation journey – if not the greatest. And I am fortunate to be experiencing it right now in my life in all sorts of amazing ways. Read more


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