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Embrace who you are and love will find you

Happy Lori in her equationI am counting on it and living it!

Today I read another amazing blog about self-love and the power it has to open us up to all other kinds of love. It is one of the greatest takeaways from my personal transformation journey – if not the greatest. And I am fortunate to be experiencing it right now in my life in all sorts of amazing ways.

I have written many times about my journey toward self-love and how it is manifesting itself in my life in ways I never imagined possible. It is my intention for this year – LOVE! in 2013. But the truth is, I couldn’t express it any more eloquently than this Positively Positive blog post by Derek O’Neill titledThe Greatest Relationship You Can Have. 

The quotes below from the blog post are especially poignant for me.

…”ALL of the relationships in our lives—to family, friends, our community, the world, our emotions, our belief systems, food, addictions, emotions, and even the family pet—are barometers of how we coexist in an intimate relationship, we will expand our minds and have a better understanding of what connection means. You can’t separate the elements of your life into compartments, hoping that it will all fall together in some haphazard order. The way you move through your entire life creates a whole and complete picture.”

“The answer to finding a wonderful, loving connection with someone else is having that union with yourself in all the relationships in your life. The greatest relationship you have, from the beginning of your life until the end, should be with YOU.”

“When you embrace who you are, love will find you.”

I am beautifully experiencing what is it like to open yourself up to ALL types of relationships with self-love at the center. And, all I can say, is WOW! The ride is not what I expected or anticipated. The road has crazy twists and turns and it is nothing if unpredictable. But it is even better than I imagined because I continue to learn, grow, and transform internally and that is the greatest gift.

It’s so amazing. And I want it for each of you. 🙂

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