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Horray for mistakes, they change us

LDPhi Spring Lunch Girls Weekend 063.jpg I had a blast speaking at my University of Minnesota Lambda Delta Phi sorority alumni event this past Saturday. There were 50 amazing women in attendance all sharing the bond of sisterhood, and eager to hear my transformation story and get tips on how to put themselves in the center of their equation. The energy and emotion in the room was palpable.

One of the principles that I shared in my speech is how making mistakes — slipping and falling — is a key part of the process or journey. In fact, one of the most important parts.

It’s what we do when we slip and fall or fail, that really matters to our long-term growth and transformation. For me, this was one of the key differences in why I succeeded this time where I had not so many other times. This time, I went “all in” and I picked myself up to restart every time I stumbled. But I also recognize that all those other failed attempts were indeed part of the same journey, and a key part of my story. Read more

Resilience. I love this word!

How resilient are you?

resilienceIt’s not often that I post an article in its entirety without adding my own spin. But this morning, I am inspired to do so.

The famous Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, articulates quite eloquently how to build resilience and start living your dreams in this Positively Positive blog titled Building Resilience to Thrive and Succeed.

This is a powerful yet simple piece. And I totally agree about the three principles he cites for success. 1) Becoming more self-aware; 2) Developing self confidence (this can be learned); and 3) Changing your outlook. Read more

Saying yes means “all in!”

All_In_GraphicThis morning I was lying in my warm bed snuggled under the covers, hitting snooze over and over, and lamenting that I did NOT want to get up to do my morning workout. I did NOT want to bundle up and go outside for cardio either.

And, I started dreading the idea that soon my cardio choice will either be to walk outside in the bitter cold and snow or take it to the elliptical at the gym. None of these seemed like choices I wanted to make today.

My mind wandered to the long list of things to do. The list of peeps who have reached out to me for help that I have yet to get back to. The PR follow-up I need to do today, and the new potential clients that are still awaiting my response. Yikes! I felt my shoulders tighten and pulled the covers over my head and sunk deeper into bed.

Then I remembered that I said YES! Read more

When is it time to let go?

letting-go-handsI read lots of awesome blogs for motivation, encouragement, and empowerment. As an aspiring motivator, speaker and life transformation coach, I find it critical to connect with others in this same realm and to do my own reflection work as my personal journey continues.

In my view, we are never “done.” We are never really “there.” Personal learning/growth/self awareness and acceptance is a constant and ongoing process and one I love and appreciate more each day.

One of the topics that keeps bubbling up for me is learning when to let go. When is it right to go all in and pursue a goal, a dream, a thing you really, really want and let nothing stop you vs. letting something go that is not meant to be, or rather not meant to be right now? How do we determine when it is time to let it go? Read more

Embrace who you are and love will find you

Happy Lori in her equationI am counting on it and living it!

Today I read another amazing blog about self-love and the power it has to open us up to all other kinds of love. It is one of the greatest takeaways from my personal transformation journey – if not the greatest. And I am fortunate to be experiencing it right now in my life in all sorts of amazing ways. Read more

Believe in your awesomeness!

One of my new favorite words is “awesome.” I love this word!

After reading a great blog on Positively Positive by Kris Carr titled: “You are Awesome,” I was inspired to write this post. The blog starts: “You are awesome. End of story. Period. Print it, post it, feel it… Read more

Finding my authentic self

One of the things I have always prided myself on is being authentic. To me, that means being “real.” It means my inner self and what I communicate to the outer world match. And it means being true to myself. I live my life trying to be genuine, faithful and trustworthy in each and every interaction. I always have. But wait! Read more


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