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Resilience. I love this word!

How resilient are you?

resilienceIt’s not often that I post an article in its entirety without adding my own spin. But this morning, I am inspired to do so.

The famous Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, articulates quite eloquently how to build resilience and start living your dreams in this Positively Positive blog titled Building Resilience to Thrive and Succeed.

This is a powerful yet simple piece. And I totally agree about the three principles he cites for success. 1) Becoming more self-aware; 2) Developing self confidence (this can be learned); and 3) Changing your outlook.

I’m living proof that these principles work and that one can go from a totally unaware, head-in-the-sand glass half empty view to a self-aware, self-accepted and glass runneth over view of the world — and indeed it will change your life. In my experience, it can be this simple — and this difficult. When these three things happen, I believe you too can/will achieve your wildest dreams.

Take a read of Building Resilience to Thrive and Succeed, and let me know what you think.

Resilient. I love this word. Merriam Webster defines it: “able to become strong, healthy, or successful again after something bad happens.” And, “able to return to an original shape after being pulled, stretched, pressed, bent, etc.” Wow. I realized as I read this blog that I am way more resilient today than I ever was. In fact, my resilience was a key to my transformation, and now happiness. And just like the blogs suggests, for me, it started with self-awareness.

How self aware and resilient are you?

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