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Tomorrow starts today!

Need help with Mindset, Motivation & Momentum?
Join me on Instagram now AND in person on Nov. 12!

Ok peeps, today is the day. Not tomorrow, not the next day, or even next Monday. Nope, it’s today!

Today is as good a day as any to begin…to get yourself back on track…to stop making excuses…to stop whining about how hard it is or listing all the reasons you can’t. It’s time to start, restart…just do it!

Are you with me?

Today’s blog is part confession and part invitation. Let’s get real, and be honest with ourselves and each other. I need a restart too! Together, let’s STOP making excuses, STOP self-sabotaging, STOP whining about all the reasons it’s hard…and just START. This is your wake up call and your invitation…and mine!

If you find yourself in need of inspiration, motivation, accountability, support, or perhaps in need of a massive mindset shift — and trust me, it’s all about mindset — join me.

Looking for inspiration and motivation?

Inspiration is all around us. But, we have to be aware enough (and self-aware enough) to see it. On some level, we have to be ready to take the leap when opportunities show up. And they will!

Lately, I’m finding inspiration in the NEW. In the new people I’m meeting, in the new groups I’ve joined (hey, The Willie Wags Women’s Collective & Book Club!) … the new books and blogs I’m reading (Girl Wash Your Face, Braving the Wilderness) … the podcasts I’m listening to (RISE by Rachel Hollis, Oprah’s Masterclass), and in nature, specifically the gorgeous fall that surrounds me in my new home in Maine!

Inspiration is everywhere because I’ve consciously opened myself up to it. It’s feeding my spirit and motivating me to get my shit together, i.e. to get back on track with my 8-year Lori-In-the-Equation health and wellness journey. My own motivation is there, too. It comes from my internal voice and from my experience. It says: “Lori, you’ve got this, you know the way! You can totally do this!”

Trust me, we all struggle, screw up, stall out, and even back track! If we’re living right, this is a lifetime journey and we’re human. Sometimes we take the long road, and often we have to work at having the right mindset to stay motivated and keep the momentum going. If you find yourself in this camp, trust me, you’re not alone!

Go BIG or go home!

About six weeks ago, I left everything I knew behind – my friends, family, house, and most of my “stuff” – to embark on a #yearbythesea adventure. My goal is to open myself up to any — and every — opportunity that crosses my path. My commitment to myself: To live brave and be bold…in everything!

What does that mean? I define it in the form of one of my favorite quotes by author, researcher and storyteller, Brene Brown: “Show Up. Be Seen. Live Brave.”

To me, living brave means saying “YES!” to the opportunities that present themselves as my heart and mind is open — even and especially if they scare me. It means opening every door and living in the moment — experiencing it, enjoying it (or not) but really being in it. It’s thinking outside the box and pushing outside my comfort zone. It’s focusing on things I’m not particularly good at or pain points to push myself to learn and grow. It’s showing up in arenas that I might not have otherwise. And, it’s being my authentic self, including being vulnerable, even when it’s uncomfortable and especially when I could get hurt. It’s allowing my true colors (values) to show and not being afraid to let myself really shine.

For me, this is the definition of living brave and it’s mission critical.

What it’s NOT …

It’s NOT over-planning my next move and/or trying to control my future — because that comes relatively naturally for me. It’s NOT obsessively worrying about how I’ll make ends meet financially — because that’s living in scarcity mode vs. a state of abundance. Rather, it’s allowing my energy and passion to bubble up and flourish. And it is totally trusting the universe and having confidence in myself.

Join me in a start, restart or jumpstart!

What if your last 90 days are the best days of your 2018? Inspired by Rachel Hollis’ #last90days Challenge, I decided to embark on my own restart in the area of overall health and well-being. And I’m kicking that restart off with this invitation for you to join me!

So whether you’re part of the #last90Days Challenge or not, you can restart with me and put yourself in the equation of your own life — starting today! Use this invitation as inspiration and motivation, a start/restart or jumpstart toward a healthier and happier you. My restart is focused on three areas — mindset, motivation and momentum.

There are TWO ways to join me:

1) Join me on Instagram for the Weekly 3 M’s — mindset, motivation & momentum

As part of my #last90days restart, I’m committing to regular weekly Instagram posts @intheequation focused on “Showing Up. Being Seen. Living Brave.” I want to not only be authentic about my restart and share wins, tips and challenges, but I want to engage with my In the Equation community to provide support and accountability for each other — two key components of any start/restart/jumpstart.

To join, commit to your own start/restart/jumpstart by putting it out in the Universe — write it in your journal, tell a friend, or private message me. But make sure you declare your intention. If you don’t make the commitment to yourself and others, stuff will get in the way.

If you’re not currently following me @intheequation on Instagram, please do. Then check out my mindset, motivation and momentum posts and share your own experiences and struggles. Invite your friends to join as a way to support each other and hold each other accountable. It’s that simple. It’s social, so anyone and everyone can participate.

2) Mindset, Motivation and Momentum Workshop on Nov. 12

Opportunity #2 is a NEW In-the-Equation workshop focused on helping YOU specifically with mindset, motivation and momentum. If you live in MN, join me in person for “Mindset, Motivation & Momentum: Lose Weight & Live Healthy for Life!” on Monday, Nov. 12th in Cottage Grove, MN. The workshop is sponsored by South Washington County Community Education and I could not be more excited about it.

This workshop is for you if you’ve been struggling to lose weight, get fit, make time for yourself, or just feel confident and empowered in your own life, please join us! All too often we know WHAT to do, but struggle to actually DO it. This workshop is designed for those ready to take action who want help developing the right mindset, motivation, and momentum to sustain it.

So, the invitation — this is your chance to go “ALL-IN” for YOU. And to start TODAY!

There’s no such as thing as failure if you start/restart!

To lose 200 lbs and put myself in the center of my own life, I had to give up the excuses and make myself a top priority. My commitment to myself had to be as sacred as anything else on my calendar. I also had to uncover my limiting thoughts and behaviors — all the ways I was giving up on myself before I even got out of the chute. And I absolutely had to do some re-programming.

Sound familiar? We’re so darn hard on ourselves! The messages we send ourselves are too often negative, hurtful and harsh – stuff we would never say to our daughters, friends or moms. Right? The good news is — we can change that. I did and I can help show you the way.

If you’re reading this invitation to start/restart but feel like there a million reasons you can’t, then absolutely this challenge is for you! REPEAT – THIS IS FOR YOU! Don’t give up on yourself before you even start. Don’t over think it. Just be brave enough to go for it, jump in and join today.

Hop on over to Instagram and follow @intheequation, and if you live in MN sign up for my workshop. Put yourself in the equation of your own life, make your #last90 count, and we’ll take the first steps together.

Are you in?


Here are some of my previous blogs on putting yourself in the equation of your own life & living to your greatest potential. Enjoy.



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