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Inspiration: For me and for you

In the Equation — the top blogs from 2014.

Climbing Humpback Rock in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia over Christmas break.

At the start of our climb to Humpback Rock in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia over 2014 Christmas break.

Here’s wishing you all a Happy & Healthy New Year!

Thanks for being a part of this online community where we’re working toward living happy, healthy and whole lives by learning to take care of ourselves…by putting ourselves in the equation.

I’ve been blogging at for more than four years now. And, trust me, I learn and grow on the journey toward wholeness every time I share my story, celebrate a milestone, or tackle a tough subject here. Blogging helps me stay focused on living intentionally and reaching my greatest potential. It’s also my desire to provide hope, inspiration and support to others who struggle with their weight, health and overall happiness — inside and out.

So, after a two-week holiday hiatus from the blog to spend time with my loved ones, I am back and ready for a new year!

As we begin this new year together at, I want to know what blog topics are important to YOU. While most often I write from my own experiences, it’s important to me to know what resonates with my followers.

This past year, WordPress made that easier by publishing a report of the most read and visited blog pages on my website. I found it informative and wanted to share the top 10 with you here in case you missed them and find inspiration in these words.

Here are the top 10 (most read/visited) In the Equation blog posts in 2014.

IMG_72621) When is it time to let go? (July 2013 — includes motivational quotes on the topic)

10603821_496705407135984_1559522541212123499_o2) Resilience. I love this word (January 2014)

3) -211 lbs + love = a WHOLE life! (December 2014)

4) Courageous Girl: Four years ago I was scared to death…and I had the courage to begin my transformation journey (Nov. 2014)

5) Success = warrior. Not quitting no matter what! (part of my success stories feature – this one on Kendra Malloy, June 2014)

6) Half their size (After learning I was a finalist for People Magazine Half Their Size & then seeing they featured only one person over 40, I wrote this blog reflecting on the experience — Jan. 2014)

7) We overeat because we’re fat. New York Times article asserts what might be a game changer in fighting obesity. (May 2014)

8) Learning from life’s moments of impact (March 2013)

9) Look behind the excuses. Therein lies the answer (April 2014)

10) A whole life…the best life. Did you ever think in your whole life, you would have a whole life?  (Feb. 2014)

These pages continually top the list in numbers of overall hits:

Thanks again for being part of this community. If you have a subject you’ve been wondering about or something you’re struggling with, please post in the comments field or message me privately and let me know. Chances are if you are struggling, I’ve been there and others may be interested and need help, too.

Let’s make 2015 our best year ever when it comes to caring for our overall health, wellness and happiness. And, let’s start by putting ourselves in the equation and fostering our very best selves!



P.S. Forgive me, but these are highlights of my year that I want to remember = a FUN & WHOLE Life!

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  1. Julie Redman #

    I continuously struggle daily with my food plan and staying focused on making the right choices and staying on the right path. In my work place there are so many influences and aroma of food variety’s all day long and alot of tempations all of the time. I am working very hard not to let this get the best of me. Any suggestions on how to over come this?
    Also when I weigh and measure my food, sometimes comments (not intential) get mentioned “wow thats alot of food, that is more than what I am eating”, maybe you could eat less and exercise more.
    It really hurts my feelings and makes me feel really bad about myself and I step back and take a good look and wonder if its worth it sometimes.
    I have had some set backs, and today is a whole new day.
    I am an emotional eater and a closet eater and I am trying to find other ways to get around this.
    I apologize for this being lengthy and Lori all your blogs I read daily and multiple times when I am feeling overwhelmed.
    Thanks so much for being there for so many of us.

    January 5, 2015
    • Thanks for your comments and for sharing your struggles. Let me just say YES, I can relate. Even now, four years after my start and 2.5 years after hitting goal, I sometimes struggle with emotional eating – turning to food instead of other things to comfort, destress, fill me up. So you are not alone, and I do think I have shared some of my strategies in old blogs on this subject but would LOVE to revisit it. And I will in January. I need it too. In terms of what others say when you weigh and measure food, I say block out those voices. Each and every body and person is different. I lost 200+ pounds and ate quite a lot of food, and I still do. I can eat some men (won’t name names, but I think you know who I mean, lol) right under the table. It’s what works for you and your body. Sometimes it takes time to become aware of this. Stay your path, my dear. You totally have within you what it takes to get healthy and fit, and manage the emotional eating. I say manage, because as I have learned, for many of us it is something we will always battle. But it does get easier and we can win! More on these topics in upcoming blogs. Thanks for your post. Happy & Healthy New Year!

      January 5, 2015

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