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Solstice: A time to restart & let go of what no longer serves us

lori-summer2016Happy Summer Solstice! Today is the longest day and shortest night of the year. And for many, a time to let go of what no longer serves us and open ourselves up to meaningful change.

This is not the blog I intended to write today. But as I was working my way back into my email this morning, I read this blog post from Elephant Journal and it struck a chord: Summer Solstice: Moving on what from no longer serves us.

I’m not necessarily into astrology, but how can you not be into welcoming the long, warm days of summer — especially if you live in Minnesota?! And this year, the Summer Solstice coincides with a full moon. Cool!

I am a believer in sunrises and sunsets, moonrises and moonsets. And, I’m a believer that when we get comfortable with our true, authentic selves and quiet the mind long enough to listen to our heart — that’s when change really happens.

juneflowersOf course, first we have to make ourselves a priority, carve out time, get quiet so we can listen, and just “be.” For some of us, that’s the hardest part. Then, as we become more aware of what our heart wants/needs, we must open ourselves up to the ITE_restart_quoteopportunities that present themselves and not be afraid to grab hold of that change.

This is how my journey to healthy, happy and WHOLE happened. So summersolsticeevery time I read a bit of wisdom that encourages getting off the hamster wheel of “life” to get in touch with our authentic selves and what we really, really, really want — well, I take note and heed the lesson.

The Summer Solstice can be a great time to take an inventory of our lives and what inspires and lifts us. To take note of what we need to feel healthy, happy and WHOLE. It can be a time to slow down and be more introspective. To play. To mark a new season and a new beginning with YOU in the equation. If you stop and listen, you’ll know what you need.

I don’t know about you, but I’m in need of slowing down and listening to what is in my heart. I am in need of a restart — a renewal of all things Lori in the equation. Lately, I’ve let work and worry, stress and status quo get a little bit too comfortable. And it’s been manifesting in more work and less play, sloppy eating, and not as much exercise as my mind, body and soul truly need. Consequently, I am feeling it inside and out. My mood is lower than usual. My weight is up. My clothes don’t fit. And, I’m a crabby pants. This is not acceptable to me.

And so the restart begins today!

So, friends, with this blog and the Summer Solstice upon us, I am enthusiastically and publicly embarking on a restart. In a series of blogs over the next few weeks, I will explain what the restart is to me and why it is so important when you feel yourself getting off track. I will write about my personal journey to restart and encourage those of you in need of a boost or an excuse to get back on track to join me.

I’ll cover topics such as the importance of meal planning and prep, changing your stinkin’ thinking, and stopping the slippery slope in its tracks. And I encourage you to reach out and let me know how you are doing, what you need and perhaps how our In the Equation community can help.

For today, I embrace the sun and the moon. The energy and the rebirth that comes in the form of the summer solstice. I assert that embarking on any change in life, requires quieting down and getting in touch with you and what you want and need. And based on the advice of a very wise counselor in my life, I will ask: What is the kindest thing you can do for yourself, right now, today? I invite you to do the same.

It might be getting outside and soaking up the energy of the sun and the glory of the moon, and then listening to your heart…noting what comes up for you. Being gentle with your authentic self and those around you.

Happy, Happy Summer 2016, peeps! What better time to restart and put yourself in the equation of your life!




Check out these blogs on the restart and connect with me here if you are interested in following along here and on Facebook with your own restart. Also, check out my coaching program launching this late summer if you are interested in the support and accountability of a small group:

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  1. Jean #

    Love this post!

    June 20, 2016
  2. Love this post! This summer solstice finds me understanding the need to simply let go and trust. It is hard for me to no plan everything which often leaves me in frustration. Enjoy your summer. 🙂

    June 25, 2016
    • Thanks for your comment Angela. Great to hear from you! Good luck with the letting go and trusting, there is a freedom in it for sure. As you read, I am a work in progress on this one as well.

      June 26, 2016

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